Advances in technology have provided us with a host of new ways to get the message out to the market – instant messaging, blogging, information-rich websites, mobile access wherever we roam. The biggest opportunity however comes from the ability to seek and find new audiences through these mediums. It’s the ability to build quality (high customer value) audience contacts through focused targeting and viral marketing that justifies the investment of time and energy.


Every business has a different need and each requires careful strategic analysis and planning to design the appropriate digital strategy. At one extreme is the viral marketing campaign using social media websites including messaging, mobile apps and instant video creation, built by the market. At the other end sits the niche product or service campaign, with a business-to-business audience, driven by a highly qualified (read differentiated) and compelling blog discussion between a relative few, designed to build credibility and reputation and to take leadership of the category.


Digital marketing is not the panacea for all marketing challenges. No matter how targeted and relevant the campaign, success first depends on whether the brand satisfies a true need of the consumer. PN Digital highly recommends to its customers to step back and examine the brand, its proposition and its competitors’ offer, before taking the plunge in any digital direction or any marketing venture.

Having said that, today, the only way to keep pace with the flow of change and information creation is to get involved in the conversation online. Depending on your market, that may mean a combination of technologies like instant messaging, blogs, social media and more often, ongoing high quality, differentiated and distinctive content changes on your website.


Success in the digital sphere is not about how many tools you use or how much noise you make. Success is achieved by selecting the right tool for the need, pitching the message clearly when your audience is listening and ready, leaving no room to doubt the wisdom in the offer, and providing the ‘call to action’ to get the desired result.

Let’s have a conversation about your situation before you take a further step into the digital world and see how we can help you with your digital strategy.