The feeds they are a-changin’. The Facebook team have been tinkering with the page layouts that will soon be universal across the site. So before you like the “Petition To Make Facebook Change It Back” page, have a look through what the main tweaks are here – and how you can use them to your advantage. 


If you can’t see the changes yet, don’t worry – you soon will. Rather than rolling out the updates page by page (as they traditionally do) it seems like Facebook is doing it user by user.

So what are the changes?

Well let’s first see what it looked like before:

Old Page Layout


And here’s what it looks like now:


Current Page Layout


Broadly speaking, they’ve divvied up the page into 3 columns on desktop:

  • Left Column: The Brand.

Logo, Name and Section Tabs.

  • Middle Column: The Feed.

No changes to activity feed but if you’ve specified what services you offer they’ll appear at the top. 

  • Right Column: The Info.

Get the core information (address, phone number, opening hours), leave a review, see what the business has been doing lately and what other people are saying.

On mobile they’ve streamlined it further

Here’s the old:

Old Layout Mobile


And the new:


New Layout Mobile

Let’s drill down into each of the most significant changes.

1. Profile picture moved up and to the left, no longer obscuring part of the cover photo

Logo Moved Across


This means that clever cover photos like this one are now obsolete.

Clever Cover Photo


If you have a cute set up that looks something like that – fix it now.


2. The profile picture box has slightly increased in sized

Which means the your profile picture has scaled up with it.

Check and make sure the size change hasn’t pixelated your branding.


3. More page tabs are visible.

Much more.

They’ve gone from this:

Old Page Tabs


To this:

Page Tabs


If you’ve been meaning to clean up all those little sections on your page, now’s the time.


4. Like and Message buttons have been made more prominent.


Like Message


No complaints here. The easier it is for your users to interact with you, the better.


5. The Call-To-Action Button has moved and increased in size

It’s big. It’s blue. And Facebook has made it un-ignorable. If your users don’t click, you can be sure they at least saw it. Great news!


Call to Action Button


You also now have more options around how you label your CTA – 12 options to be exact.

6. You can now search for posts on the page in the search bar

No more scrolling forever to find that thing you saw last week.




7. The About section has it’s own turf

Make sure your About section is completely loaded up with as much info has possible. Don’t ever make your users hunt down your deets.


Facebook are constantly experimenting with UX design. They made choices in the past that have been far from popular but we’re excited by these changes.

Facebook may own the platform but your page on it is a reflection on your brand and your brand alone. A great experience with your Facebook page means a great experience with your business.

So take the time to adapt, get everything just right and your customers will thank you.

Struggling to Stay On Top of Social Media?

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