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How PN Digital saved a floundering Google Ad Grant from becoming disqualified

At PN Digital, we specialise in helping organisations manage their Google Ad Grant accounts, and from time to time that sees us working with clients who have come to us seeking damage control as a result of poor management from other agencies.

Understanding the ins-and-outs of a Google Ad Grant account is a bit trickier than managing a standard Ad account. Often, we are dealing with bigger ad spend budgets ($120,000USD per year!), but with much tighter restrictions on click through rate (CTR) requirements. This requires a different strategy and campaign set-up than a standard account might use.

Therefore, it can be useful to get help from professionals who specialise in managing this specific type of account and can help your business get the most out of your spend.

In this case study, we talk about a client who came to us needing some damage control – they were using an agency to help manage their account, and while that agency had a great track record managing standard Google Ad campaigns, they were struggling with the added requirements that come with an Ad Grant account.

The Client’s Issue:

Our client had another agency managing their Google Grant account who were not fully utilising the grant budget, only spending $1,000 on average each month. While it isn’t necessary to spend the entire budget, only spending 10% of the budget will often not yield the desired results. While the previous agency was regularly making changes and optimising the account, they did not understand the unique nature of grant accounts and therefore couldn’t help appropriately.

How did PN Digital help?

As experts in managing Google Ad Grant accounts, PN Digital were able to offer a specialised approach. We have several proven strategies that we use to help grow grant accounts, using some out of the box thinking, transparent communication and unmatched dedication and effort. As part of our strategy for the client, we analysed opportunities for new keywords and new campaigns that were not currently being targeted. In our client’s situation, the most obvious keywords were already being targeted, so we needed to this laterally. This, combined with our proven conversion strategy, helped to escalate the results.

The Result:

We were happy to report that within the first 5 months of managing the account, we increased traffic by an incredible 885% and increased grant spend by 2,481%. We took an account that was only spending $1k of the budget to $7k of the budget and we expect to spend the full amount in the coming months.

What did PN Digital learn from the experience?

We learnt that working together with the client collaboratively is always the best approach. This helped us not only to identify new keyword opportunities, but to give the client real time feedback about the leads it was generating so we could measure ROI.

We also learnt that the root of a many issues clients have with other agencies is poor communication, minimal effort and lack of specialisation working with grant accounts. At PN Digital, we pride ourselves on our transparency. Grant accounts are difficult to manage and there is always a learning curve necessary when taking on new clients. We are upfront with the client every step of the way so if something is not working, we’ll be the first to let you know, and we’ll come to you with a solution. This way we can all work together to leverage the grant account in the best way possible.

Are you unhappy with how your agency is managing your Google Ad Grant account? For more information, book a no obligation consult with a PN Digital Google Ads specialist. 

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