PN Digital Presents:

Final Event for the Year, not to be missed…

Join PN Digital for a unique NFP Online Summit at 9:00am Melbourne time (AEDT), Wednesday December 1st 2021.
Designed specifically with the NFP community in mind, our online summit will feature presentations from two industry experts, a panel of NFP leaders, as well as live entertainment, door prizes throughout the morning and breakout rooms to network with your fellow attendees.

This event will be held live via Zoom and will be highly interactive – so make sure you are ready to turn your camera on and get involved in the discussion.

While our last event featured an earthquake, this agenda will be just as exciting!
Looking at the lessons we’ve learnt from 2021, our experts will take us through:
  • How the grants landscape has changed and what to do now to continue to win grants
  • Strategies to grow capacity and sustainability for your organisation in the future
  • Our panel of fellow NFPs will chat about how they plan to build their organisations in 2022

What has changed to the Grants landscape for your organisation?

Jo Garner - Strategic Grants

Jo Garner is the director of Strategic Grants, which works with hundreds of for-purpose organisations across Australia and New Zealand, building their capacity to apply strategic thinking to their service delivery and fundraising programs. There is no doubt that the grants landscape has continued to be dynamic and has evolved over the last couple of years, in response to natural disasters and the global pandemic. Jo’s presentation will provide an overview of how the grants landscape has changed and what we can expect in the future, including direct insights from funders. The breakout session will walk you through Strategic Grants’ Grants Health Check – your ‘must do now’ list – to ensure your organisation is in the best possible position to continue to win grants.

Strategies to implement to build capacity and sustainability in the future.

George Liacos - Spark Strategy

George Liacos is a Master Facilitator, Speaker, Expert Strategist, Entrepreneur and Author. George’s experience spans 25 years and well over 10,000 hours helping people get impactful, aligned outcomes. George has been a speaker for over 20 years, speaking from the heart, from his life experience and for impact on a broad range of topics and to a wide range of audiences. As an Entrepreneur he has started, grown and sold many professional service businesses. His current business, Spark Strategy is a multi-million-dollar, certified B Corp, Global Award-winning strategic planning business, driving strategy, innovation and new models. George will discuss the strategies that organisations can look to implement to build capacity and sustainability in the future.

What should NFPs look out for in 2022?

Claire Bell (Planet Ark) Kristian Dauncey (Knoxbrooke) Jodie Hollis (Cancer Support Angels)

Join us as we chat to a panel of fellow NFPs on what they’ve learnt this year. We’ll speak with Kristian Dauncey, Group CEO at Knoxbrooke, disability support service provider who have been supporting people with a disability to live life to the fullest for over 50 years. Hear from Claire Bell, Head of Operations at Planet Ark, the environmental foundation who aim to help people and businesses find the simple ways in which they can reduce their impact on the planet, at home, at work and in the community. We’ll also chat with Jodie Hollis, Founding Director of Cancer Support Angels, who offer much needed support groups and financial aid to cancer patients.

We’ll be discussing what they’ve learnt as NFPs this year, and what they’ll be taking into 2022. We’ll discover how they grew in 2021 as organisations and teams, what they’ll continue to implement, and how they plan to grow in 2022.