PN Digital Presents:

Our next online event… Navigating the Digital Wilderness

As the world becomes more digital, the landscape can be a bit more difficult to navigate. If you’re a not-for-profit who is looking to boost your digital capabilities, join us as we provide you with the tools and resources to find your way to create a bigger impact and support your team.
Join PN Digital for a unique NFP Online Summit at 9:00am Melbourne time (AEDT), Wednesday May 4th 2022.
Designed specifically with the NFP community in mind, our online summit will feature presentations from two industry experts, a panel of fellow NFPs, as well as breakout rooms to network with your fellow attendees.

This event will be held live via Zoom and will be highly interactive – so make sure you are ready to turn your camera on and get involved in the discussion.

While last year one of our events featured an earthquake, this agenda will be just as exciting!
Looking at the digital landscape, our experts will take us through some of the key topics in IT and digital marketing – check back soon for more information!

Getting started in the cloud with AWS

Pratima Singh and May Kyaw - Amazon Web Services

Using the cloud for your donor management software or fundraising programs can be effective, however, there can obviously be concerns about data safety. Join Pratima Singh and May Kyaw from Amazon Web Services as they take you through the basics of getting started in the cloud, focusing on security.

They will take us through the foundational security practices following the AWS Well Architect Framework’s Security Pillar. They will focus on AWS account level security, access management, data protection with S3 buckets, infrastructure protection through multi-layer VPC, browser based remote access, and basic detection through alarms and basic incident response workflow through AWS support.

Maximising value from your managed IT service provider

Ian Patterson - humanIT

Having your IT needs managed by a service provider can provide time and cost savings in the long run, but do you know what “good” looks like when it comes to IT managed services? Ian Patterson, Director of humanIT, has over 20 years experience providing Strategic IT thinking, Advisory Services and Management Services to NFPs. He will take you through how to determine what you should be expecting from your IT provider, and how to maximise your cost savings when it comes to IT.

How are other NFPs navigating the digital wilderness?

Malcolm MacDowall (Childsafe), Jane Milne (MND and Me Foundation)
Join us as we chat with a panel of fellow NFPs on how they navigate their way through the digital wilderness. We’ll speak with Malcolm MacDowall, National Relationship Manager at Childsafe, which exists to serve organisations and individuals working with children and vulnerable people, with the goal of improving their well-being and safety. Hear from Jane Milne, CEO at the MND and Me Foundation, who funds research into an effective treatment or cure for MND, as well as care services for Queenslanders living with MND as well as their family and care support network.
We’ll be discussing what challenges their organisations have faced with digital technology and technologies they have leveraged to the benefit of their organisation.