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Build Awareness & Grow Your Connected Audience

Content marketing is all about creating and distributing content that, if done thoughtfully and strategically, can generate new audiences and leads for your organisation. While content marketing has been around for years, a broadening digital world means new avenues and opportunities to put your brand in front of new audiences.

Content marketing covers any type of content that is used deliberately and consistently to create brand awareness and loyalty. A large number of brands and organisations have an online presence and produce some kind of content, but how do you know where to begin thinking strategically? What’s the best platform for your organisation and their audience? And wouldn’t it be better to just use paid advertising and not worry about this all, anyway?

At PN Digital we have a team of digital marketing specialists who can cover every aspect of content marketing to put your organisation’s brand in front of your target audience. We use organic content strategies to cultivate awareness, build brand loyalty and create engaged audiences. This results in genuine connections with your organisation which in turn results in an increase in leads/sales/donations.

We know your organisation and audience thrive on creating connections that last, ultimately building broader awareness of your organisation and its mission.


What is Content Marketing?

The growth of digital platforms and social media networks has created rich spaces for organisations to reach and grow your audiences like never before. The goal of content marketing is to generate leads. However unlike traditional marketing, content marketing focuses more on generating interest through two-way connections with your audience.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn marketing focus on creating conversations and ‘shareability’. Social media algorithms favour content its users are interacting with; content marketing strategy utilises this to make sure once users are connected with your brand’s accounts they can see the important information you’re creating and generating.

Our content marketing strategy can help you to grow your organisation’s online presence. We can work together to help you take charge of your:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Blog content
  • Video content
  • And more.

The amount of different content marketing platforms can seem overwhelming and brands will often put it straight in the “too-hard-basket”. With PN Digital you’re hiring a team to create a rounded content marketing strategy, unique to your business. Our team of experts are able to get stuck into the nitty-gritty so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

One of the most important parts of content marketing strategy is, well – strategy. A good content marketer will ensure everything they do is strategic and purposeful – there is no willy nilly posting. A content marketing strategy should always be working towards your ultimate marketing goals, while keeping in mind your brand’s unique tone of voice and target audience. Cat memes and “tag-a-friend” posts might work for some brands, but are they the best fit for yours?

The first step we take with you is to create a full content marketing audit, analysing what your current content marketing looks like across all platforms, your current pain points, and the best platforms and strategies to help reach your target audience.

After our audit is complete, the next step we take is completing a full tone of voice and content strategy document outlining what your new content marketing strategy looks and sounds like. We help you figure out how you want to position your brand to its target audience through a brand persona – is your brand persona approachable or austere? Are they classic or cutting edge? We help you figure out how your brand is going to communicate to its audience for maximum impact.

Through this we identify content streams – a framework to ensure everything you post is on brand and purposeful. Your content streams determine what posts are relevant to your organisation’s new tone of voice while working to address your pain points and desired outcomes.

At PN Digital we focus on results to analyse your organisation’s pain points, create solutions, and generate outcomes. We work towards evidence-based decision making; analysing data to make informed decisions and drive successful outcomes.

Why Choose PN Digital as Your Content Marketing Specialists:

PN Digital is a   team of experienced digital marketers that specialise in helping not-for-profits and businesses-for-good create and execute their content marketing strategy to build relationships and create meaningful outcomes. We know that most organisations have different needs and goals to traditional businesses.

At PN Digital we understand the ultimate goal for not-for-profits is to drive their mission, rather than creating profit. We work together with you to ensure your content marketing strategy is fuelled by this purpose. approach  with your organisation we create content marketing strategies that speak to your audience, all the while creating a strong, memorable brand.

Our content marketing services are flexible and can be easily adapted to changes in your organisation’s goals, funding, or messaging. Whatever may be thrown our way, we are dedicated to creating evidence based, outcome-driven strategies to create practical results and solutions.

PN Content Marketing

Content Marketing Services:

Think of PN Digital as your Content Marketing Unicorn: the single go-to place for all your content marketing needs. We work with you and your brand to create whatever is needed to build a successful content marketing strategy.

Our team of content marketing experts include:

  • graphic designers,
  • videographers,
  • copywriters,
  • story tellers,
  • script writers,
  • strategists,
  • social media experts,
  • producers,
  • and photographers

We work closely with you and your organisation to create and execute your content marketing strategy.

Our range of services include:

  • blogging,
  • social media posting,
  • community engagement,
  • content creation,
  • content curation,
  • social media templates design,
  • video production and editing,
  • photography shoot and editing,
  • email marketing (EDM writing and template build and send)

Everything you need to conduct a great strategy with a team of experts at your fingertips.


How does content marketing support digital marketing?

Content marketing helps support digital marketing by drawing in your targeted audiences through relevant content. Digital marketing is able to use pieces of this content to attract a broader audience. For example, by using your blogging content to strategically support your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy.

Do you offer multi-channel content marketing services?

Yes! We are able to co-ordinate your content marketing strategy across multiple channels including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, blogging and more.

What are the different types of content in digital marketing?

We use a wide variety of content types in our content marketing activities including blog and guest articles, videography, photography, infographics and graphic design, gifs, social media posts and more.

What is the relation between content marketing and sales?

Content marketing can help drive more traffic through to your sales channels. It helps turn your ‘cold’ audiences into ‘warm’ audiences which in turn leads to a higher conversion rate. Content marketing can also play a big role in retaining customers and turning them into repeat customers.

What is the role of content marketing?

The role of content marketing is to create and maintain relationships with your audience. It builds brand awareness, creates loyal customers and provides 2-way communication channels for your audience to engage with you.   Great content marketing can really bring your audience closer to your brand and increase brand loyalty.

Looking for a content marketing consultant? Get in touch to see how we can help build a recognisable brand.

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