Queensland Small Business Digital Grants

What if we told you that you could have our digital marketing and website design services discounted by 50%? The only catch… you need to apply before 5PM on June 26, 2019.

Connecting Up’s 2019 Transform Conference

What a great experience we had at the Connecting Up 2019 conference as official video partners and offering a free LinkedIn profile photo shoot.

Your Cookie Obligations

Ever wondered if your website meets current privacy requirements? Learn about cookie obligations for Australian website owners.

Interactive Minds Event

Interactive Minds recently put on a fantastic event that provided us an opportunity to meet up with some of our clients, network with the presenters and attendees, and listen to a great discussion on customer experience and brand loyalty.

How to read your SEO report

Received your SEO report but it looks like gibberish? We have got you covered with this comprehensive guide to understanding your personalised SEO report.

The Importance of Email Marketing

Social media platforms are not immortal and you cannot transfer your audiences from one platform to the other. This is a fact that became glaringly obvious for many small businesses last week.

LinkedIn Live Streaming Functionality Announced

LinkedIn Live streaming functionality is coming! Find out why your business and brand should be adding this marketing channel to your content marketing strategy.

WordPress 5.0: How to Prepare and What to Expect

WordPress 5.0 is the long awaited major update to WordPress and it adds a suite of changes designed to improve functionality, efficiency and ease of use for first-time web builders and professional developers alike.

PN Digital are SEMRush Award Winners

PN Digital takes home Best Use of Search – Non-Commercial Sector at this year’s SEMrush Awards. View photos from the evening along with the other award winners in our latest post.

How to Generate Website Traffic with Pinterest

Want to know how to generate website traffic with Pinterest? Read our 6 tips to help you increase your referral traffic from the social media platform.

PN Digital Announced as Finalist for the SEMrush AU Search Awards 2018

PN Digital are excited to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for THREE awards this year's SEMRush AU Search Awards being held in Sydney later this month.

The Challenges of Managing an AdWords Grant Account

Managers are seeing new challanges with the introduction of recent changes to the restrictions that Google imposes on Google Grant accounts.

5 Ways to Optimise for Voice Search

We're sharing 5 ways to optimise for voice search as more and more people are turning to Google Home, Alexa, Amazon Echo and other voice-controlled personal assistants.

3 AdWords updates to Give You a Competitive Edge

We're sharing three of our favourite AdWords updates so far in 2018 that we think will give your business a competitive edge!

3 Things To Know About SEO In 2018

Read about three of the most recent technological advancements that we think will have a big impact on organic SEO in 2018 and beyond.

How to be a working mum and stress less

Nicole shares her personal story about joining the PN Digital team as a freelancer and how it has helped her create work-life-balance as a working mum.

Google Analytics Data Retention and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Google have told their customers that they need to "review these data retention settings and modify as needed" before May 25th when GDPR becomes enforced. This is part of Google putting the requirement on others and not themselves. The great thing about this is that Google is now giving us the necessary tools to adjust this, but most of us still have no idea what any of this means. We dive deeper.

3 Things You Need to STOP Doing on Facebook in 2018

In our latest blog article we take a look at some of the bad habits you need to stop doing on Facebook in 2018 if you want to increase your organic reach and encourage higher engagement levels.

New Requirements for NFP’s receiving Google AdWords Grants

ATTENTION: Not For Profits! Google have released an update to increase the standards of Google AdWords Grant accounts. Failure to implement these changes can result in your account being cancelled.. so here are the details!

Removing referrer spam in Google Analytics

Check out the latest blog from the team at PN Digital and learn how to remove referrer spam from your Google Analytics data, and why it is important.

Why You Should Write Your Own Content

Read PN Digital's latest blog to learn why you need to be writing your own content to power your brand, as well as the benefits that fresh content can have for SEO.

How Google Analytics collects data

In this article we are going to cover how Google Analytics collects data and provides detailed web statistics on visitors to your website or mobile app.

The Importance of Branding

In our latest blog article, Rodney takes the time to discuss branding and the importance of investing in your brand to ensure it lasts and serves your business well.

PN Conference 2017 – Learning, Growing and Getting Dirty!

Read all about the mischief that the PN Digital and BSO teams got up to at this year's #PNConference. We also discuss some of the great learnings that were made during the workshop sessions.

PN Annual FUN-ction

We’d like to send a quick shout-out to our wonderful clients that were able to attend this year’s Annual Client Function. With insightful presentations and a great chance to meet and mingle with other business owners, marketers and the ever-knowledgable PN-ians, there was plenty of insight to be gained.

What to include in your privacy policy if you’re collecting remarketing data

Remarketing is a great way to attract past visitors back to your site, but you should inform your website visitors that you gather information for remarketing on your website.

I’ve been shadow banned, what can I do about it?

Over the past 6 months Instagram has been clamping down on account holders who are using auto-bots, using a technique called 'Shadow Banning'. Read our latest blog to learn what it is, how to avoid it and what to do if your accounts have been affected.

Influencer Marketing: Rules and Regulations

Today I'ma put on my 'serious' hat and discuss an important issue - recent updates to laws and regulations in Australia regarding influencer marketing or advertising.

Best Practices for Email Marketing Success in 2017

Email marketing is a key marketing strategy for most businesses. However, like everything else in the digital marketing world, email marketing has changed over the years - so what may have worked a few years ago may not be relevant anymore.

HTTPS Not Secure warning in Google Chrome and how to avoid it

Google had made an announcement in September last year that they will soon start to mark 'Non Secure' (HTTPS non secure warning) in the browser URL bar to any pages that weren't secure and asking for passwords or credit card details, well...

...its happening!

My Quest for the Perfect Gif-Making Tool

Need a GIF for your next email marketing campaign? No idea how to make one? Don't want to waste time searching for a great, robust, FREE tool? Join me as I gallantly set upon my task of locating the best GIF-Making-Tool that the Internet has to offer!

GOOGLE UPDATE: Changes to Mobile Website Rankings

GOOGLE UPDATE: Last week Google released some major changes to it's mobile ranking algorithm, adding in signals that effect mobile websites that use pop-up banners.

5 Simple Tips To Help Boost Video Rankings

What is the point in doing all that work creating awesome videos if no one can find and watch them? Well, all the hard work is worth it, but you just need to follow through with a few more steps to give your videos the best chance of being found.

Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas

From everyone at PN Digital, we would like to wish you, your family, your business, your colleagues and your uncle's pet dog's third cousin twice removed a very very merry Christmas, happy holidays and a productive and prosperous new year :)

Six simple steps to improve landing page conversion rates

The average landing page converts around 2.35%, but the top 10% of landing pages convert more than 11.45% visitors. So what are the top ten per cent doing right to achieve higher conversion rates?

LinkedIn Image Sizes: Personal, Company & Updates

The biggest online professional social media platform also needs some attention when it comes to the 'latest' image dimensions for creating a stunning visually appealing LinkedIN profile.

Helpful Hints to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Don't you hate it when someone puts something into their ‘digital’ shopping cart but then doesn’t complete the checkout process??

Clever Tools to Create Awesome Visuals

There are heaps of online tools available to help those of you who are creatively challenged (or just don’t have a clue about using photoshop). We've listed eight on our blog to help get you started.

Christmas Campaigns: Marketing Tips

We have approx 7wks until the big day - an eternity for anyone under the age of 12, but for those of us *adulting*, it doesn't feel like long enough. Which is why we need to start talking about your Christmas Campaign.

4 Tools to Test & Analyse Your Google AMP Content

Taking advantage of the benefits of AMP requires perfectly configured pages. To ensure you are AMP-ready, here are the 4 best tools to AMP your content!

Facebook Image Sizes: Profile Pics, Ads & Posts

We often get asked about the 'latest' image dimensions for Facebook. As you are aware these are often changing, so we do our best to keep everyone (including ourselves), up-to-date.

SEO Made Easy… Green Kittens Wearing Shoes

Search engine optimisation tips that *literally* anyone can implement!
Search Engine Optimsation sounds scary but a lot of it is actually super simple stuff!

AMP-lify Your Mobile Website

Think your website could be faster on mobile? Google can help with that! Read all about Google AMP and how it can help improve your mobile user experience.

10 Ideas for Automated Email Campaigns

Email Automation: What is it and how do you make the most of it? Check out this blog for answers to all of your automated email campaign questions as well as 10 great campaign ideas to get you started.

Be notified if your Google Analytics tracking stops working

If you have never experienced a loss in Google Analytics tracking on your website (or even if not), read on to find out how you can be alerted and avoid the loss of data nightmare.

Instagram Stories: A Viable Snapchat

Rather than putting that perfectly angled, filtered and cropped glamour shot up on your wall, Instagram Stories encourages you to post up a bunch of photos that are strung together to form a gallery. And after 24 hours they’ll disappear forever.

Sound familiar? It should.

Facebook in Flux: A look Inside FB’s Latest Changes

The feeds they are a-changin’. The Facebook team have been tinkering with the page layouts that will soon be universal across the site. So before you like the “Petition To Make Facebook Change It Back” page, have a look through what the main tweaks are here - and how you can use them to your advantage.

It’s not you, it’s me: time to get over Facebook’s declining organic reach

We’re predicting a few break ups between Facebook and Page administrators in the near future, with many up in arms over the declining organic reach of the fan base they’ve worked so hard to build (or buy) and engage with, and now unable to reach in its entirety with each (unpaid) post.

Top 4 premium photo stock sites

NEWS: Fotolia’s premium stock site, Dollar Photo Club will officially close April 15, 2016 after being acquired by Adobe in January 2015. Existing DPC members have the option to transfer all unused downloads to the new Adobe Stock at no charge for one year, with the added promotion of $10 for 10 downloads a month for the first year only. After that, image prices rise by 5 times.

No More Right-Side Adwords…

Google announced it would be getting rid of the Adwords placements you normally see on the right-hand side of a Google search results page.

More Deliverable Email

All that time painfully spent crafting the perfect message for your audience, only to have it marked as spam, placed in a junk folder, or even worse, not received at all!

Multiple accounts now on Instagram!

Instagram released a much-anticipated update last week allowing users to easily switch between multiple accounts!