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Meet Your New Marketing Team

Imagine having access to your own
digital marketing department without the costs
of employing a team of people!

When you work with PN Digital, your Account Manager will play matchmaker for your brand, pairing you with specialists from our team who have relevant experience working within your industry. No matter what product or service your business is selling, we have someone on our team who is a perfect fit for your brand!

As digital marketing has become more complex and varied over the past decade, different ‘arms’ have broken off into their own specialist fields – whereas we used to have one digital marketing coordinator who looked after everything, we now need staff who specialise in specific areas such as Search Engine Marketing, Google Ads, web development, copywriting and social media management.

But the problem that many businesses face is that they cannot afford to hire a team of specialists – they only have the budget to hire 1-2 internal marketing staff. So how do they choose which areas are the most important for their business?

The answer is that they don’t – they hire PN Digital instead.

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Imagine having access to your own digital marketing department without all of the costs involved in employing a team of people?

We have made it our mission to build a team of industry-leading digital marketing experts who all specialise in one specific area of the marketing landscape, and to make that team accessible to Australian businesses who aren’t able to hire their own team of internal specialists.

If your business needs a Google Ads specialist, a graphic designer, a social media manager, a marketing strategist, a copywriter, a web developer and an SEO expert, but you only have the budget to employ one staff member, then PN Digital is the perfect solution for you.

PN Digital act as your external digital marketing department. We are a team of professionals who each specialise in a different area of marketing and we work together to deliver a range of different services including strategy, content marketing, social media management, SEO, website design and development, graphic design, Google Ads and PPC management, email marketing and more.

Most businesses employ a single marketing officer and expect them to be experts in absolutely every element of digital marketing, and that is not feasible. The type of person who can study data and optimise your ad spend or ROI is not the same person who can sit down and write an engaging page of copy or design an attractive Instagram feed. PN Digital offer you the best of both worlds – we can act as your entire marketing department or we can fill in the gaps by supporting your existing team in the areas that they need assistance in.

How It Works:


Initial Consultation

You’ll have an initial consultation with head strategist Rodney Ferro. You’ll discuss your business goals, requirements and pain points.

Hand-crafted Marketing Department

We’ll craft a team of specialists to become your external marketing department. We will match our experts with your brand based on their experience and specialities as well as your industry, budget and requirements.

Get to Work

If you’re happy with our proposal and team then we will get to work.

We work in monthly cycles, managing and delivering your digital marketing activities with consistent communication and reporting on progress. You’ll have an account manager who acts as your main point of contact as well as access to our project management system to track progress throughout the month.

PN Digital Services

Book your free consultation today and find out if PN Digital are a good digital marketing solution for your business.

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