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LinkedIn Marketing and Strategy Specialists

Linkedn Strategist

LinkedIn is a digital marketing platform that holds a lot of potential for people and brands who use it correctly. Previously thought of an ‘Online CV Platform’ by many people, it has evolved rapidly over the past 2-3 years, developing into a much more complex marketing channel, ripe for the picking.

Knowing where to get started on LinkedIn can be tough – most people have a profile, but do they know how to optimise it? And what kind of content should you be posting? That cat meme you threw up on Instagram got great engagement, but will that type of content land well on LinkedIn? And what about the algorithm?

At PN Digital, we have a team of digital marketing specialists who can help you leverage LinkedIn to build your personal brand, create an engaged audience and most importantly – generate leads.

PN Digital work with you to develop and implement a LinkedIn strategy. We help you to build strong, meaningful connections with key brands, people and influencers within your network and industry. We’ll then work with you to shift those connections offline, booking face-to-face meetings or catch-ups where you can form more personalised bonds.

While you’re busy meeting your new connections and following up LinkedIn leads, our content marketing team will be collecting, creating and publishing content on your LinkedIn account. The content and marketing messages will be designed strategically to establish you as a thought-leader and influencer within your industry. The content will highlight your personal or company brand’s values and beliefs while providing unique information and ideas that your audience values.

LinkedIn Marketing & Strategy

Build Awareness, Generate Leads & Create Connections

Our LinkedIn and Content Marketing teams work with both personal and company pages.
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LinkedIn Training:

Connect, Communicate and Convert

PN Digital can help teach you how to leverage LinkedIn and use it as a lead generation tool. We’ll work with you to identify your ideal connections and guide you through the process of using LinkedIn’s advanced search features to locate, connect, and engage with them. You’ll learn how to establish yourself as a thought leader within your industry and how to build a strong network that will advocate for you and your brand.

Our LinkedIn training will teach you how to:

  • Identify, search for and connect with your ideal clients or customers.
  • Craft engaging conversation starters that will get real replies.
  • Build meaningful relationships and networks.
  • Take those relationships offline.

LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy:

The rise of digital marketing channels as a tool for building audiences has led to businesses spending more and more time thinking about and investing in their content marketing strategies. But while big brands are spending big dollars on creating content specifically for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, there are very few businesses creating unique content specifically for LinkedIn. Most people/brands seem to neglect LinkedIn and it gets relegated to the ‘reshare/repost’ content basket.

Collect, Create and Curate

What this means for your business is that there is a great big opportunity to be had by creating and publishing unique content that is specifically designed for LinkedIn’s platform, audiences and formats. Just like all social media algorithms these days, LinkedIn favours unique content that hasn’t been posted online previously and the handful of brands and personalities that are consistently creating content specifically for LinkedIn are seeing amazing results that cannot be matched by other more competitive social media platforms.

LinkedIn Marketing Calendar

It all starts with a calendar…

PN Digital’s team of content marketing specialists will work with you and your brand to build out a content calendar featuring different content ‘streams’ or themes. Our team of graphic designers, videographers, copywriters and photographers will then work with you to create and maintain a library of content that can be published throughout the month.

We work with both company and personal profiles, identifying the key marketing messages that are relevant to your audience or connections and then planning and creating the content specifically designed for the LinkedIn platform.