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Taking Your Digital Marketing to New Heights

Digital marketing delivers your content to new audiences like never before. With over 4.66 billion web users worldwide, digital marketing is becoming the standard marketing channel for a large number of businesses and organisations alike encompassing content marketing, SEO, paid search and social media advertisement, blogging, video and audio publishing, social media management and so, so much more. Digital marketing strategy ties your organisation’s targeted digital channels together to implement specialised, strategic, and successful digital marketing messages to grow your online audience.

PN Digital’s Australian based team of digital marketers work together to bring their specialised expertise to your organisation’s digital marketing strategy. We work closely with your organisation to help solve your pain points, tell the stories that matter, and increase awareness through the near limitless avenues of the internet.

PN Digital specialises in helping NFPs and businesses-for-good reach their target audience through thoughtful digital marketing strategies and services that provide clever solutions and deliver results.

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing focuses on online and digital platforms as virtual avenues to spread your organisation’s message and generate leads. Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Copywriting, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Content Marketing all fall under the banner of digital marketing. Each digital platform requires a specialised, strategic approach that looks to optimise your content and message to reach your target audience.

PN Digital’s Digital Marketing encompasses a number of services including:

The team at PN Digital strategically and successfully plan, implement, and optimise digital marketing strategies and services for your organisation to deliver clear results. No matter the platform, pain point or pitfall, PN Digital partners with your organisation to create the ideal solution to your organisation’s digital marketing needs.

Benefits Of Digital Marketing

What are the benefits of digital marketing?

The benefits of digital marketing are as broad and wide as the internet itself. Through deliberate and strategic digital marketing, your audience is potentially limitless, with countless opportunities for lead generation, return of investment, and brand awareness growth.

Digital marketing isn’t just about the results, however; taking your organisation’s marketing online makes integrating your marketing across multiple avenues streamlined, stress free and seamless. Coordinated digital marketing helps to identify and target your ideal audience, optimise your website for search engines, create engaging and effective online content across a number of channels, implement targeted and thoughtful strategies, and collect and collate all the metrics and data for you.

There is no end to the benefits of digital marketing, and now is the best time to jump on board.

Digital Marketing Team vs Digital Marketing Manager:

An internal digital marketing manager is responsible for every part of the digital marketing process – from planning and creating content to implementing and tracking digital marketing campaigns and activities. At PN Digital, we provide a digital marketing team that works alongside your organisation and its existing marketing team, strategies and campaigns to implement a digital marketing plan to its greatest potential.

Each member of the PN Digital team has chosen to specialise in their field, together creating detailed digital marketing plans tailored to your organisation and its specific needs.

Digital Marketing Manager
Digital Marketing Channels

Digital Marketing Channels:

There are a number of digital marketing channels that are ripe with potential leads just waiting to hear about your brand. PN Digital’s team of experts can help you share your message through online channels including:

Digital Marketing Audit

Digital Marketing Audit

There is no one size fits all approach to bringing your marketing online. Your organisation is individual and tailored – so your digital marketing should be, too.

When you choose to partner with PN Digital, the very first step we take is to perform a digital marketing audit to assess and evaluate where your organisation’s current digital marketing solutions are, compared with where you want to be. We look at your business and marketing goals, the channels you are currently using, your ideal target audience, what your competition is doing to see a current snapshot of how your organisation appears to your audience. From here we provide insights and recommendations that will help to inform our strategic direction.

Our digital marketing audits are an essential part of the PN Digital process, and provides clear direction for planning, creating and implementing the most ideal digital strategy for your organisation.

Digital Marketing Examples

PN Digital have partnered with a variety of NFPs and businesses to provide effective and results-driven digital marketing strategies and services. Our folio of work includes:


What digital marketing tools do you use?

PN Digital uses a range of digital marketing tools to help monitor, inform and support the work we do for clients. We use graphics editing software such as Photoshop and Canva to create professional, branded imagery. Our key SEO and analytics tool, SEMRush, enables us to view and research keywords and other search engine metrics to optimise our content. Google’s native Google Analytics provides our data for tracking Google Ad and website metrics specific to your organisation. We use a number of email marketing and social media scheduling tools, namely Campaign Monitor and Later, depending on your organisation’s existing database and subscriptions.

What are some of the latest digital marketing trends?

Digital marketing trends are constantly changing due to Google tweaking their algorithm, new technologies emerging and new social media platforms entering the market. The best way to stay on top of what are the latest trends is to follow PN Digital’s various social media channels where we make an effort to inform and educate our audience about any new developments in this field. You can find us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram – or follow our blog.

What digital marketing skill does your team have?

Our team is equipped to handle all facets of digital marketing including: copywriting, content creation, social media management, email marketing, branding, search engine optimisation, and paid ads.

Can you help me with my digital marketing campaign?

Yes. While we usually work with our clients on a monthly management basis, we are available for project-based digital marketing campaigns as well. We can also run campaigns for individual marketing channels such as Google Ads or SEO.

Want to partner with our team of digital marketing experts? Talk to us to create your own tailored digital solution.

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