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In this Google Ad Grant case study we show how outsourcing their Google Ad Grant management to PN Digital helped an NFP save time and money while increasing their enquiries and conversions.

At PN Digital, we specialise in helping businesses manage their Google Ad Grant accounts. Due to the nature of the grant, businesses who have Google Ad Grant accounts must adhere to a strict set of guidelines to keep the $10,000 monthly ad spend they’re provided with. Like anything, failing to stick to guidelines can result in consequences that can hurt the business in terms of finance and growth.   

How We Helped an NFP Keep their Google Grant:

In 2018, when Google released their new set of Google Ad Grants guidelines, we had a non-for-profit organisation reach out to us seeking help with their account. Due to lack of time and knowledge, they were struggling to keep up with the new regulations and as a result, were seeing some serious harm to their account. When our client contacted us, they had seen their account go through multiple suspensions and their website had suffered a 41% decrease in overall traffic, however they didn’t understand why this was happening. Our client is a classic example of an NFP organisation who was trying to save money by managing the account internally, but were actually wasting more money trying to make ineffective changes than if they worked with us from the get-go. 

How Did PN Digital Help?

Analysing the issue, we concluded that our client was time and knowledge poor and therefore the account was not being optimised to leverage data trends and improve conversions. They also weren’t using the full grant spend, which isn’t always essential but is definitely preferred to maximise the impact that the grant can have on your NFP.

At PN Digital, we have 6 years of experience managing Google Ads and were able to use this unique experience and skill set to analyse the data trends and begin optimising the account to ensure the full grant budget was being spent effectively. As part of our plan of action, we created a monthly management package so that we could ensure compliance with the grant before suspension occurred.

The Results:

We were pleased to report that within the first 6 months of managing the grant account, PN Digital were able to increase grant spend by 50% through a rapid expansion strategy. We also increased the click-through-rate (CTR) by 12%. This is significant because the click-through-rates for grant accounts need to be 5% at a minimum, which can be very difficult to achieve.

Google Ad Grant Case Study

What We Learned:

Aside from achieving positive results from our clients, one of the biggest takeaways from transformative projects is that we also continue to learn. Through working with our client, we learnt that grant accounts are significantly restricted from the types of keywords they are allowed to target. They can only target highly relevant keywords because the CTR needs to be higher than 5%. Paid accounts often have a much lower CTR than this and they are still highly profitable. We also learnt that the best strategy for finding new relevant keywords we were able to target was to launch many new campaigns each month in a trial and error approach. This enabled us to quickly find new keyword opportunities and filter out the restricted keywords.

Does this sound like your NFP? If you are currently managing your own Google Ad Grant internally and are struggling to meet your CTR requirements, get in touch with PN Digital to find out how we can help.

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