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Earlier this month, one of our PN team members, Caitlin, had the opportunity to visit our Melbourne office all the way from sunny Brisbane. It was great to have her here, allowing us to chat face-to-face and collaborate side by side for the day.

Caitlin is a valued member of our content marketing team, responsible for managing some of our clients’ social media accounts. So, during her brief visit, she decided to pay a visit to one of our clients’ restaurants – Crossways, by Hare Krishna Melbourne. Not only did she enjoy some delicious vegetarian and vegan food, which always manages to make her hungry while writing about it, but she also seized the opportunity to capture some fantastic photos to use on our clients’ social media accounts.

Great job, Caitlin! We’re looking forward to your next visit to Melbourne, but until then, we’ll stay connected through Zoom, Slack and email!