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Helping an NFP expand their network on LinkedIn

We are currently partnering with a not-for-profit client to establish connections with wellness industry experts on LinkedIn, with a specific focus on meditation and yoga instructors based in Melbourne.

To precisely target this audience, we harnessed the power of LinkedIn’s search function (search limits may apply based on your LinkedIn account level), strategically applying filters based on industry, job title, company, keywords, and location. This approach ensured that the individuals we engage with align perfectly with our client’s needs.

Strategic Filtering: Boost your success potential by applying filters thoughtfully. Target your outreach for optimal results.
More Than a Click: Don’t settle for the easy way out – avoid simply hitting ‘connect’ and ‘send.’ Put in that extra effort to foster meaningful connections by writing personalised messages.  As you’re likely aware, the LinkedIn inbox can often be flooded with SPAM messages and connection requests. Our goal is to avoid being grouped into that category.

NOTE:  So click ‘Add a note’.  

Then create a template you can re-use and refine as you go.  

Something like:


Expanding our clients’ LinkedIn connections offers valuable opportunities to broaden their audience and efficiently share content with engaged individuals who are aligned with their  personal and organisations’ objectives.