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While many people consider LinkedIn as nothing more than a tool to optimise your professional brand, the platform can actually a powerful tool to reach and build your target audience.
One of our clients in the NFP sector was finding it difficult to grow an online audience that helped them achieve their digital marketing goals as a largely B2B organisation. While their Facebook following was substantial, it was made up of mostly the organisation’s employees rather than potential clients and donors.
So how did we help?
Our team identified LinkedIn as a better platform to build a targeted audience and generate leads for this client. This is because 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, and 4 out of 5 of the site’s users drive business decisions within their organisation, making LinkedIn one of the best social media platforms for B2B marketing.
Our team of LinkedIn marketing specialists got to work on building the organisation’s platform and audience on the site, achieving fantastic results!
  • Engagement rates of over 25%
  • A doubling of audience impressions in the last month
  • 70% of their audience in decision-making positions within their respective organisations
Not only is this client building a relevant and highly targeted audience, but this audience is actively engaging with them and generating leads!