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As many of our clients know, hosting a webinar is a highly involved challenge. Between securing guest speakers, creating a landing page, inviting attendees and bringing the content together, it’s often just left on an organisation’s to-do list.
Now imagine if everything outside of content was organised for you and all that you needed to do was to simply show up and showcase your expertise?
Well, that’s exactly what one of our clients got to experience last year when we helped to run their very first webinar!
Leveraging their following on LinkedIn, we started by creating a LinkedIn event page that drummed up over 150 attendees in just two weeks! This technique did make the RSVP process harder to manage, however.
To overcome this, we set about messaging each attendee to remind them that they needed to register for the event, which also helped to increase our clients connection with their followers.
With our resident MC Rodney Ferro there to ensure that the event went off without a hitch, our clients were able to focus on showcasing what they do best!