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Beyond the Frame: A Video Case Study with Expanding Influence

You’re likely aware of the compelling power of a well-crafted case study — it’s a robust endorsement of your work’s effectiveness. Now, imagine a single piece of content extending its influence well beyond it’s initial scope.

We recently teamed up with Crayon and Microsoft on a special project: a video case study showcasing how humanIT revolutionised WEstjustice’s operational efficiency with advanced IT systems and processes.

WEstjustice, a cornerstone in Melbourne’s Western suburbs, is renowned for providing free legal assistance across various domains, profoundly impacting the community. They stand firm in their belief of a just and fair society where the law and its processes are non-discriminatory, and legal resources are readily accessible to those in need. This includes comprehensive services like legal education, information, advice, and casework, as well as systemic advocacy and efforts in legal reform.

Their work extends to various areas such as consumer law, financial counselling, and tenancy rights, empowering individuals and families navigating legal challenges. WEstjustice’s commitment goes beyond addressing individual cases; they aim to create systemic change, contributing to a more equitable and just society through their dedicated efforts.

By breaking down legal barriers, WEstjustice plays a pivotal role in fostering a fairer and more equitable society.

At the helm of tech integration in the for-purpose sector, our partners at humanIT are redefining how organisations like WEstjustice operate, amplifying their social impact.

Working with an expert videographer, we captured this transformative journey, focusing on storytelling. We brought to life a tale of innovation and impact, viewed through our lens.

This narrative was brought to life through the experiences and testimonials of Melissa, Ian and Vincent, highlighting how humanIT’s services were instrumental in enabling WEstjustice to reach new heights.

The now polished video has been featured on social media, websites, YouTube, in board meetings, and even in funding applications. What started as a single production has evolved into a multifaceted resource, continually expanding the brand’s reach and resonance.

We love storytelling and helping share stories like these!