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Case Studies

How iSponsor Makes Fundraising Effortless for NFPs

Raising money through shopping? Yes, it’s possible.


iSponsor is revolutionising the way not-for-profits (NFPs) and charities secure funding. This innovative platform turns ordinary shopping into a powerful tool for change, offering a no-cost solution for organisations to generate an alternative, steady income stream.

At its core, iSponsor connects mindful shoppers with the causes they care about. By transforming everyday purchases into opportunities for impact, the platform fosters a win-win scenario where regular shopping activities support broader social goals. This model not only provides a reliable funding source for community groups but also allows businesses to showcase their social responsibility.

What sets iSponsor apart is its simplicity. NFPs and charities can join for free and instantly tap into a network where their supporters’ purchases directly benefit their causes. This system encourages community members to contribute meaningfully, without any additional effort, by shopping through iSponsor.

Given its promising premise, we decided to experience iSponsor for ourselves firsthand.

The sign-up process was seamless, requiring just a few basic details and the linking of a payment card for purchases. After choosing a charity to support, the app presented two shopping methods: online via the app or in-store with the registered card.

With every transaction at any of iSponsor’s 900+ partner brands, a portion of our spending was automatically donated to the selected charity. This mechanism ensures that supporting worthwhile causes incurs no extra cost or effort for the consumer.

For NFPs seeking to boost their fundraising efforts, iSponsor comes highly recommended. Its user-friendly approach to charitable giving makes supporting important causes easier than ever.

Image credit: iSponsor