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Data. It’s the crucial prerequisite to successful digital marketing. It can tell us really important stuff like where our customers come from and how they behave when they’re visiting our digital platforms.
But to use this information to inform your business decisions, the data needs to be clear and trackable -something that can sometimes be difficult to achieve.
Recently, we found ourselves having a hard time managing important data like acquisitions, user behaviour and conversions tied to ticket purchases on one of our client’s websites.
While we could record this data, it was kept separate from the main website’s data, causing us to lose valuable cross-domain information like acquisition and behaviour data.
How did we overcome this problem?
Using a customer data ‘sender’ we redirected the important data to a ‘listener’ within the client’s main website. This allowed us to track and retain invaluable information like the number of tickets sold and their value and where their users came from and how they behaved.
So… what did this mean for the client?
At the time, this client had a big focus on driving sales through Google Ads. However, our newly captured data told us that most ticket sales actually occurred through Facebook.
This enabled the client to redirect their resources towards the channels that performed better and away from those that weren’t converting customers – ultimately saving them a whole lot of money.
Screenshot of google analytics data