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Cerebral Palsy Australia has spent the last 70 years doing incredible work in the NFP sector, raising awareness and contributing to the research and development for one the country’s most common disabilities.
We helped CPA following their free 30-minute consultation with us. PN Digital offers digital marketing brainstorming sessions as part of our pro bono work with NFP organisations to discuss any digital challenges they may be facing. During our recent session…

CPA explained that they had the following challenge:

An ex-employee had accidentally registered their Facebook page using their personal details, meaning that the account wasn’t under the control of CPA.
Anyone who is a user of Facebook knows that getting in touch with the company for support is a nearly impossible task. Multiple attempts by CPA to claim the account had all failed, leaving them with no way to access to the account for several years.

How did we help?

We initially gave an estimate of 4-6 weeks to resolve the issue. After reaching out to our contacts at Facebook to escalate our support request, we assisted CPA in gathering the necessary documents to prove that CPA were who they claimed to be and that this digital asset belonged to them.
The result…’tada’!
After only 4 days, the Facebook account was back under their control. As a bonus, we ensured that it was set up properly through Facebook’s Business Manager so that CPA can better manage their employee access now and into the future.
This example highlights the importance of persistence and collaboration between organisations to reach a win/win outcome for all involved.