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3 Reasons Why We Love Canva’s Branding Kit

A consistent brand image can be hard to maintain, but it is such an important element of your marketing – Could you imagine McDonalds not being red and yellow? Or the name Coca cola being simply written in Arial font?

This week we helped set up our new not-for-profit client with a free Canva account, sounds simple – right? But there is a little bit more…

In a world where access to a graphic designer can be scarce and budgets are often tight, the task of crafting engaging social media content, eye-catching presentations, compelling posters, captivating videos, and distinct logos can seem daunting. Complex software like Photoshop can be a blessing for those well-versed in its intricacies, but for beginners navigating the vast landscape of graphic design, a lifeline exists in the form of Canva.

We frequently introduce our clients to Canva, which offers both free and premium subscription options. With this versatile tool, users can create or choose from thousands of pre-made free templates and design elements that can be effortlessly customised. What’s more, you can set up your brand’s colours, fonts, and design elements, ensuring a consistent and professional look.

To empower our clients further, we go the extra mile by crafting tailor-made templates that align with their organisation style guide and requirements.  Whether it’s crafting email marketing banners, website elements, or social media tiles. These templates, fully sized and formatted, allow our clients to streamline their content creation process. They can simply duplicate the template we’ve provided, make quick text and image updates, export and seamlessly add it into their marketing efforts. The ease and efficiency it brings are nothing short of a game-changer.

Oh yeah and did we tell you that Canva has a great and generous offer for some not-for-profit organisations with an upgrade to Canva Pro for free, yep all pro-bono!  

The top 3 reasons why this is our design platform of choice:

  • Efficiency: With a user-friendly interface and pre-designed templates and branding at your fingertips it allows for quick and hassle-free content creation, saving your valuable time.
  • Consistency: By crafting templates in Canva, we enable our clients to uphold their brand identity with precision. We assist in configuring clients’ accounts with their brand’s signature colours, fonts, and style in select templates, supporting their marketing efforts. This ensures that every post remains on-brand and eye-catching.
  • Cost-Effective: With a wide range of free templates, images, and elements there is no need for small businesses, NFP’s or charities to break the bank on expensive design software or hiring graphic designers for their simple day to day marketing efforts.  Designers are very important, don’t get us wrong and valuable to any team, we have two in ours!  

The result?

When we guided our client through their new Canva account, they were pleasantly surprised by how simple and seamless their future marketing efforts would be! With some hand holding along the way and still reminding them that Canva should be noted as a hand tool, it is not a designer, it’s a definite win-win situation!

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