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Today, organisations have an almost endless number of EDM (electronic direct mail) platform’s available to meet their email marketing needs: ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor … the list goes on and on.
Recently, one of our clients came to us for help in choosing the EDM software that best suited their needs. They wanted to create targeted and personalised campaigns to generate more interest in volunteering from their organisation’s donor base.
To achieve this, we selected Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT – the world’s leading donor management software for NFP’s.
Raiser’s Edge NXT combines CRM and EDM in the one platform, meaning our client has a central data hub for their donors and aren’t required to rely on duplicate data that can’t be reliably kept up to date.
Additionally, we were able to create a segmented database of all the organisation’s current donors to target with highly personalised messages and content.
The result was … a lot more volunteers.
The organisation saw a huge amount of interest generated by the campaign.
This example highlights the importance of selecting an EDM platform that delivers a targeted message with a clear call to action (instead of something merely pleasing to the eye) to deliver great results.