Who We Are:

PN Digital are a team of freelance and contractor professionals who specialise in different areas of digital marketing – we comprise of strategists, copywriters, marketing peeps, graphic designers, SEO analysts, web developers, social media specialists, email marketers, AdWords managers, content creators, photographers, videographers…. the list goes on!

What We Do:

We create awesome digital marketing strategies and campaigns for our clients! You can think of PN Digital as ‘marketing match-makers’; we get to know your style, your strengths and your capabilities and then we match them with the requirements of our clients.

We take care of all sales, admin, accounts, HR and the rest of the boring stuff, enabling you to focus on delivering what you are good at! All of our core services have set processes and inclusions so you will know exactly what is expected from you month-to-month and exactly how to deliver it.

Where to Next?

If you’ve been nodding your head the whole time you’ve been reading this page then you should probs fill out our form below. It is the first step in becoming a member of the #PNSquad. Be as detailed as you can in your responses – send us some examples of your work and tell us a bit about yourself.