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Apply for the Queensland Small Business Digital Grants Program before 26 June

What if we told you that you could have our digital marketing and website design services discounted by 50%? The only catch… you need to apply before 5PM on June 26, 2019.

The Queensland Small Business Digital Grants Program is a government initiative designed to help small and medium-sized businesses grow their digital footprint. They will fund 50% of any project above $1,000, up to a maximum spend of $10,000 (you can still spend more, but they stop funding after $10K). It can be used to help fund a range of digital projects to expand your business, including online marketing and website building! The Small Business Digital Grant Scheme comes around semi-regularly and is currently in its sixth round.

To be eligible, you simply need to be :

  • GST registered
  • have Queensland offices
  • have less than $2M in revenue annually
  • 20 employees or less

What PN Digital Services can I use the Grant on?

Nearly all our services are eligible for use with the grant funding. The only limitation of the grants scheme is that it cannot be used for paid advertising campaigns (e.g. Facebook and Google AdWords) or website hosting. It can, however, be used for digital marketing plans and advertising strategies.

Some of the digital marketing services that you could spend your grant on include:

  • A website re-design
  • New website content writing for better SEO
  • Videos and other media to make your social media and website look more professional
  • Digital marketing strategies, including post templates and scheduling
  • Staff training (i.e. website management and social media training)

How do I Apply for the Queensland Small Business Digital Grants program?

Obtaining the grant is relatively bureaucratic, but hey, it’s free money! You need to demonstrate that the services you are requesting provide value for money and will help your business grow. It’s best to talk about the ways this grant would help your business provide value to the wider community, e.g. employing more people, growing your business, operating more efficiently, compete with foreign industries, or develop innovative products in new markets. The last part is where we come in, where you supply a detailed quote of what you’d like funded. The Queensland Government page on the Small Business Digital Grants Programsets out the full list of requirements and things you need to satisfy in your application.

We’ve assisted Queensland small businesses through the application process before and can help ensure you tick all the check boxes when applying. This means not only providing a detailed quote, but also helping you with any of the questions to ensure you have the best chance possible of obtaining the grant. Please get in touch with us so we can put together a plan tailored for your business and assist you with your application.

The most important thing is to get started on it now! The Small Business Grant Scheme closes in less than a week at the time of writing this. If you think you’re too late, don’t fret; this grant scheme comes around 2-3 times each year and we’ll post on our Facebook when the next round is.