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One thing we help a number of our clients with is website hosting. A well-designed website helps to divert your audience’s attention to a channel that is uniquely yours. Not only does your website need to look great, it also needs to perform well. Here at PN Digital, we partner with WP Sparks to provide fast, reliable, Australian-based hosting services. As part of our service, our hosting provides caching, which improves page speed, daily backups and security alerts for peace-of-mind.
We recently had a client come to us who have a number of websites dedicated to different projects they run. They wanted to migrate a number of sites away from their current host and to receive better service and maintenance for their sites. They also wanted to fix a number of issues that were occurring on their sites at the same time.
We managed this entire process for them. We arranged and migrated the domain, DNS and hosting for several sites, without our client having to worry about a thing! They can now rest-assured that their sites are performing well and are ready to speak to their target audience about all the wonderful work they do!