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Your website is a really great place to talk to your audience about all the great work your organisation does. It makes it easy for people to get the information they need without too much effort on their part. And the beauty of being digital, you can constantly add to it and update it.
We recently had a client come to us, as they wanted a better way to display their projects on their website. Previously, the client had been posting their projects as blog posts, listed sequentially. For an organisation that completes projects across the country, displaying their projects this way meant content quickly got lost, and it was hard for visitors to navigate through. It also wasn’t very engaging to look at a list of projects with no real context around it.
After consultation with the client, we determined that the location was an important parameter when looking at their projects. So we set out to create a project map that now displays the locations of every project completed by the client across Australia. This provides a far more holistic view of the projects that they have completed.
It is now possible to see a quick overview of the number of projects and where they are located. It also allows users to easily search for projects or filter by state, making it easier for users to drill down and find out the information they need.