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LinkedIn Image Sizes: Personal, Company & Updates

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This post is the second in our Social Media Cheat Sheet Series, covering all of the different images sizes required for personal profiles, company pages as well as the new updates to the LinkedIn platform that will be launching in the coming weeks. You can view our first post from the series, Facebook Image Sizes here.

Choosing the right image sizes for your social media profiles is of the utmost importance. The updated image dimensions for LinkedIn are available, and you want to make sure that your profile images fit within the specified sizes.

Here is a quick LinkedIn cheat sheet and photoshop template to help you get the best results for managing your page and image quality ?

Please Note: We update this page regularly to keep up to date with LinkedIn’s regular platform updates. This post was last updated 20th October 2016.

> See our visual cheat sheet

LinkedIn Company Profile Photo Size

Your profile photo can be in JPEG or PNG like always. However, you can also now introduce an animated GIF if you want to add movement to your profile. The ideal size for your profile photo is:

400 wide x 400 high (pixels)

Tip:  If you have any text in your logo, please save the image as a PNG file to help with image clarity.

LinkedIn Company Cover Image

When it comes to the Cover image, you also want to be careful about placement of words on the lower portion, as part of the profile photo and header may overlap. It’s important that messages aren’t lost behind this area.

The perfect cover image measures:

1536 wide x 768 high (pixels)

Tip:  Preview any new images on a mobile device…this is a must as most web traffic is tipping over 50% mobile…much much less for tablets…focus on mobile!

LinkedIn Careers Pages

This is a relatively new feature released by LinkedIn in order to allow businesses to better showcase their company and attract great talent. If you haven’t added Careers pages to your Company Profile, you won’t see the following Overview or Life tabs, so you can just skip ahead to the Personal LinkedIn Profile Images.

<< Take me to the Personal Profile image dimensions >>

Overview / Life Tab Hero Images

You may have noticed that there are more images on LinkedIn than ever before. The Life Tab Hero Image is one of the largest images throughout your entire profile. This is a a large amount of real estate, so use it wisely!

The Life Tab Hero Image measures:

1128 wide x 376 high (pixels)

LinkedIn Company Photo Image Sizes

You can also have up to four company images which are suggested to be:

900 wide x 600 high (pixels)

LinkedIn Showcase Page Image Dimensions

Showcase pages are another extension of your LinkedIn company page and are designed for businesses to promote specific products, or to speak to a particular customer audience. The recommended Hero and Profile image dimensions are:

Hero image: 974 wide x 330 high (pixels)

Profile image:  400 wide x 400 high (pixels)

LinkedIn Personal Page Image Dimensions

Now we are moving on to the LinkedIn Personal Profile image dimensions. This is your personal page to showcase your experience, skills and qualifications. The recommended Background and profile image dimensions are:

Personal Background: Anywhere between 1000 wide x 425 high and 4000 wide x 4000 high (pixels)

Profile: 400 wide x 400 high (pixels)

Personal / Company Updates (Posts)

Updates are where you share content from your own site or from other 3rd party sites, similar to your Facebook posts/updates. This can be a great way to show share recent updates about your company or to share relevant and interesting industry content. The recommended image size for LinkedIn company updates are the same for Personal Profiles and Company Profiles and are:

180 wide x 110 high (pixels)

LinkedIn Photoshop PSD Template – Profile Image Dimension

Please find a PSD template to help guide you with the new dimensions for LinkedIn. Simply download the file, drag and drop your images and content into it, fit to scale, export and off you go!

psd-icon-transparent LinkedIn PSD Template (2.7MB)

PLEASE NOTE:  The digital assets within the LinkedIN template are created in actual-size for you.

pn-socialmedia-linkedinCompany, Personal, Showcase, say what now?

By using the right sizes for all of the images available on your LinkedIn profile, you can be sure that everything shows the way you intended to. It will allow you to look more professional, which can help you make better connections and ensure that your marketing messages are more effective.

If you’d made it to the bottom of this post and are still a little (or a lot) overwhelmed, then maybe you’re better off looking for someone to help you. The process of sourcing and correctly creating these images can take up a lot of your very valuable time.

Can you please help manage my LinkedIn Company Page?

We certainly can! Find out more about how we can help you make the most out of your = LinkedIn marketing by contacting our super-social team today!