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Needless to say, 2020 was a roller-coaster ride for not-for-profits and business owners alike. From a 6-month lockdown to a COVID safe re-opening, the road to 2021 was challenging and will continue to be for much of the year to come. However, throughout the course of COVID, business owners learned the importance of having a strong digital marketing presence. Whether it was pivoting to virtual events, online fundraising, content creation or email marketing, digital marketing became vital in the year that was.

Many business owners found that the solution was to find a suitable digital marketing partner that had the capacity to assist and support their organisation in adopting the right steps towards digitalising and optimising their online presence.  At PN Digital, we specialise in providing collaborative digital marketing solutions for brands, especially not-for-profits and purpose-driven businesses.

But who can be defined as a Digital Marketing Partner?

A Digital Marketing partner is a business that focuses on generating digital marketing strategies and implementation activities to support the overall objectives of an organisation. At PN Digital, for example, we have built a team of industry-leading digital marketing experts who each specialise in one specific area of the marketing landscape, making that team your external digital marketing partner. By doing this, you have a strong team that is completely focused on your business’ digital marketing, so you can feel assured that all areas of your marketing campaigns are covered.

Benefits of having a Digital
Marketing partner


It’s cost-effective

In an era where we are challenged with constant changes, reconsidering your team structure to be more agile and cost-effective is key. Accordingly, building a team that is budget conscious, adaptable, and flexible enough to deliver positive outcomes will ultimately assist in being able to move forward with confidence. Having a digital partner who can assist with the above can be ideal, as it allows organisations and businesses to work with multiple experts, with the benefits of flexibility and adapability but minus the high-priced fees.

They Can Provide New Insights

While having a dedicated in-house marketing team focused solely on your business can be advantageous, it is essential to consider the benefit of a new pair of eyes looking into the ongoing projects. An external and experienced digital marketing team can bring an outside-looking-in perspective to the organisation, finding new ways to approach and find solutions to reoccurring problems or ongoing strategies.

They’re Experts Who Cater for Your Needs

Ideally, as an employer, hiring an all-rounder with hybrid expertise to do the work would be ideal. But more often than not, finding the one employee that ticks all of the boxes can be difficult and expensive. We call this a unicorn – can you guess why?  

Having a digital marketing partner can provide more flexibility in the structure and expertise that you need within your organisation. It allows you to build your dream team with a few different specialists, and work on the project for a specified time frame.

With the continuing uncertainty, being mindful towards allocating resources can help businesses and organisations be more sustainable. This is made possible by working with a combination of internal and external marketing specialists, rather than trying to find that unicorn who can wear 10 hats at once.  

At PN Digital, we provide high-quality services for the cost of a single hire. Done by the best strategists and experts in the digital marketing space, we ensure that organisations and businesses are well-equipped during these uncertain times.


If you are ready to build your business’ digital marketing dream team, get in touch with us.