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PN Conference 2017 – Learning, Growing and Getting Dirty!

“The Enchanted Maze was probably my highlight. Spending time bonding outside of work but still having to use our brains and some team effort on the challenges was great. I never thought I would jump off that zip line…Woo Hoo!!” Rodney Ferro, PN

What is the PN Conference?

Once a year, the PN Squad fly in from interstate and overseas to meet up and join forces with our digital BFFs BSO to participate in the PN Conference. Here all these clever and creative minds share ideas, knowledge and experiences with each other.

Recently, we all attended the PN Conference 2017 where we discussed better ways of doing business and taught each other new tips, tricks and tools to help us all become even more awesome at what we do.  It was also a great time for us to get to know more about each other…. and what better way to do that than with some team bonding fun – but more on that later!

The conference began at the picturesque Lindenderry Winery located on the Mornington Peninsula and concluded the following day at the Melbourne Zoo. Everyone participated by giving a short presentation on an area of digital marketing or web development that they specialise in. Just so you know we didn’t spend the whole conference drinking fancy wine, here’s a quick rundown of what was discussed.

Learning & Growing

PN Conference 2017BSO Business Operations: Janelle gave us an overview of web development packages, their client onboarding process, common issues that arise with clients and areas that need improvement. Together we discussed ideas on how to make improvements and online tools that could help.

Content Marketing and Curation: Bek informed us that PN has identified a problem that many clients seem to have, which is a lack of content. In response to this, PN has developed a new unit specifically focussed on Content Creation. The content that is created for the client will vary according to the client’s needs but could include blog articles, photography, videography, copy writing and more.

DIY Versus Web Design Agencies: Adam from BSO discussed how there are many DIY Website Builders out there so people could build their own websites and he explained the differences between what DIYs and web development agencies offer. Although some DIY options seem great, at the end of the day the client still needs to know what content to put in their website and how to structure the site. In the end, the DIY options don’t compare to the knowledge and experience of a Web Design Agency who can provide clients with a better overall experience and an effective website.

Google Analytics and SEO: Skye loves SEO and she provided a great insight into how Google Analytics, reporting and SEO are an intrinsic part of a digital marketing strategy. She informed us that the direction SEO is taking will have less focus on page rankings and move more towards quality traffic from organic searches.

Javascript: One of BSO’s Web Developers, Tiernan gave us some background on web coding languages, where Javascript fit into these languages and discussed which was the most preferred by web developers.

PN Conference Rodney Ferro

Digital Audits: Rodney, the man behind PN, discussed the importance of digital audits, how they influence the client’s marketing strategy, how they fit into the client onboarding process and invited ideas on how PN could improve its delivery of audits and outcomes to clients.

Web Site Development & Maintenance Packages: Jason ran through BSO’s website development product offering and introduced us to the add on maintenance packages that can enhance website effectiveness by increasing speed, traffic, lead generation and conversions.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages): Mathieu introduced us to AMP and explained how these web pages differed to standard web pages. He gave examples of how BSO had implemented AMP into their client’s websites and the positive effect of using AMP in the right circumstances.

Click Funnels and Landing Pages: Stephanie gave us a great overview of how to generate new leads by creating click funnels, lead magnets and landing pages. She showed us how BSO integrates these with Google advertisements and the client’s website and demonstrated how ongoing testing is a crucial part of creating a successful click funnel.

Social Media Marketing: I spoke about social media marketing, in particular Facebook and Instagram. Among other things

I discussed what PN provides to the client in terms of strategy, content streams, content calendars, curating and creating content, monitoring engagement and activity and what insights we look for.

Google Adwords: Melanie is our Google Adwords guru and she gave us a informative overview of what PN provides to clients who want to invest in and benefit from Google advertising. She showed us her methodology to ensure clients have a successful experience using Google Adwords and discussed how Google Adwords can be used with other marketing channels.

Email Marketing: Sam talked about email marketing and what PN does to manage email campaigns and build email lists. She discussed the important steps involved in preparing for an email campaign and gave great examples of  the types of content that is both interesting and well received via email.

So all this listening and learning was hard work, but that was nothing compared to what was to come!

Getting Dirty

Someone (we won’t name names) thought it would be a fun idea to go to The Enchanted Maze where we were literally thrown off the edge and flown across the manicured grounds along a zip line course. Although some of us landed unscathed, others were not so lucky. However apart from being covered in dirt (and a dent in personal pride) I don’t believe any serious injuries were to be had.

Team Bonding

To finish off the afternoon we all competed in a Ninja Warrior tournament! Well, maybe not quite, but we certainly had our mental ability and physical endurance put to the test as we worked in teams to complete a range of puzzles, treasure hunts and competitive tube riding. A great afternoon was had by all and we highly recommend a visit to The Enchanted Maze the next time you’re in the Red Hill area on the Mornington Peninsula.

By the end of it, we were all a bit weary, but the PN Conference certainly gave us the opportunity to make new friends, grow and learn from each other and above all have some fun together. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Rodney Ferro for his forward thinking, positive attitude and hard work in developing and delivering the PN Conference. He is a leader who not only wants the best for himself and his family, but wants to help all those around him; be it colleagues, clients or other business owners to be the best they can be and contribute in a positive way to this wonderful world.


As a freelancer, I know that working alone can be lonely but by being a part of the PNSquad, it has given me a way to work for myself and have access to, and the support of a great team. So if you’re a digital freelancer who wants to be part of something bigger then get in contact with us – the PNSquad is growing (plus we’re looking for more competitors to beat in our next Ninja Warrior tournament at PN Conference 2018).