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Growing your organisation isn’t just about expanding your audience, but also finding the right team to service that audience. A common problem with promoting vacancies on online job boards is that your job ad often becomes buried amongst other ads. Advertising on online job boards can also often be costly.  

One of our clients recently came to us for help in attracting motivated and qualified candidates to their organisation. We started to pull some levers and redirect some of our digital resources to come up with a solution. One of the main changes we made for this client was in the use of Google Ads. 

We shifted some of the focus of the Google Ads from the usual campaigns, and launched a Google Ads campaign to promote their organisation’s job opportunities to people actively seeking positions in that field. Almost immediately we began to see results, with eight conversions within the first week! The cost per conversion was also extremely low, which is great for the budget. It is also far less than what they typically spend to advertise on multiple job boards. 

Screenshot of Google Ads Campaign

We have since seen a further 74 conversions in just a couple of weeks, meaning our client now has the resources they were lacking. Our client’s problem has been solved, so we are now able to return to prioritising other aspects of the organisation for them. This is the beauty of digital marketing – the ability to quickly change direction. We love being able to take the client’s problem, make some quick changes, and solve the problem.