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I write a huge amount of content for small business: I’m a copywriter. Content is my craft.
If you’re not sure what content is and you’re in business, you need this blog like a writer needs punctuation.
Content powers the internet. It’s information. Written content is the words you use online to communicate with your audience. If you’re not writing your own content – either by yourself or with the help of a copywriter – you’re missing out on an invaluable opportunity to talk to your tribe in your own voice. Who better to shape your brand and talk to your customers than you?

Maximise your SEO

Google rewards fresh, relevant website content that effectively targets your keywords. That is, the more copy on your website that uses your search terms in a natural way, the higher you’ll rank in search engine results. There are a lot of factors at play in search engine optimisation (SEO) and targeted SEO copy is a no brainer when it comes to appeasing the Google gods.
When you share information on your industry, brand and related topics, you reap SEO gains by driving traffic to your own website, rather than someone else’s. Send customers to your site by sharing your content across your social media and subscriber list. The more traffic clicking to your site and Googling your brand, the higher up the search results you’ll crawl.

Be your own authority

No one knows your business and customers like you do. Write about what you know best. Think about what tips, checklists, guides and downloads your customers would find valuable to solve their problems. Write them just like you are speaking with someone and sharing your knowledge. It’ll demonstrate your authenticity and expertise in the most natural way possible.
Position yourself as an authority in your niche and customers will come knocking. And if you can get your peers and industry mates sharing your content, your SEO will thank you for the backlinks. Who doesn’t want to be regarded as a leading light in their industry? Producing your own content is a smart way to spread your influence.

Optimise your resources

Time is one thing business owners need more of. Especially when you’re wearing all the hats in a small business – analyst, accountant, marketer and more. Add tiny humans into the mix, like me, and time becomes ever more elusive.
Writing your own content allows you to get smart about what you produce. Make the best use of your resources by writing evergreen content. Like a tree that keeps its leaves year round, evergreen content is always relevant. Either outsource or write it yourself and make the content work hard. Ideally, evergreen content won’t date, answers a FAQ and gives bonus boon to your SEO because you can continually share links to your site with the information people need.
Think about the topics or procedures you’re most asked to explain to your customers. One example is a real estate client for whom I created an online resource explaining the selling process. No need to repeat yourself explaining it or type it out every time a client asks, just send them the link.

Brand building through content curation

You can’t have a brand without content. Harness this opportunity to create a powerful brand presence that gives your clients reason to believe in you.
Take social media – it’s the platform to show off your brand personality. It’s where you can invite your audience to go deeper with you. It makes you present while they ride the train, relax on their couch, snuggle under the doona or wait in the airport. In all facets of your audience’s life, the words you use on social media shape your brand and make you accessible to your user around the clock. Feed them your own unique content – not your peer’s – to build an authentic brand with meaning.

Content marketing is where it’s at

Content marketing is to business what pollen is to bees. I use bees as an example because just as pollen gives bees life, attracts more bees and makes them charismatic, so does content for your brand. In your business, content perpetuates communication, attracts customers and increases your customer appeal.
Connecting with customers is what content is all about. Done right, it connects, conveys, compels. The creation of valuable, relevant content is what your audience expects. If you’re not creating your own content to stimulate discussion about your brand, what are you doing?
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