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Anyone who’s been tasked with developing marketing material knows it’s often a long, expensive process that requires a whole lot of collaboration and creativity. And with so many moving parts at play (including a global pandemic) some projects can take upwards of a year to complete – dragging out the cost.
We recently completed a project for a client whose team was working from home during the pandemic.
This meant that the normally straightforward task of taking high-quality videos and photos to use for their marketing material was nearly impossible. Not everyone has a portable photography studio at their disposal while remote working, sadly.
I knew that this situation called for a unique approach – one that involved creating high-quality digital renders of the photos the client was able to provide for use in their marketing material.
While this approach meant that the project took longer to complete and cost them more, the client understood that by developing quality marketing materials that they can use again and again, the initial cost of the project could be spread out over multiple campaigns, helping them to save money in the long-run.