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Email marketing is often considered one of the older tools in the digital marketing tool bag, however it is still a really important one. It’s one of the most trusted digital channels, and the ability to talk directly to your target market is invaluable. 

We recently had a client from the not-for-profit sector come to us as they needed help with their email marketing. Their email open rates needed some love. We immediately started to brainstorm ideas that might be impacting the delivery and open rates of their emails. We performed some analysis to see if there were any common links between the recipients who weren’t opening, but we couldn’t find any. There wasn’t anything in the DNS to indicate there was a problem. We determined that the content needed a change up.

We started with a change in the tone of the content, as well as adding some personalisation into the subject line and body. Immediately, open rates increased from 23% to 53%, while click rates increased from 2% to 20%!

We continue to see strong metrics across all sends. It shows how important it is to consider what you are sending – use the opportunity to speak directly to your audience with relevant content, and they will respond!