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One of our longest-standing clients is in the recycling industry.
They deal with the reality of our consumption habits head-on, providing those located in their multiplicity with a proactive recycling centre that promotes the reduce, reuse and recycle methodology.
But, they were faced with a problem…. waste isn’t sexy.
So, how do you stay relevant when talking about people’s….errr… junk?
Well, we breathed new life into their blog and started creating content that not only drives home the message of recycling but aims to inform the public on outlets, programs and events in the local area, so they can put waste in the hands of those that know what to do with it.
This content-first approach has had a triple-pronged result. The site now ranks for more keywords – expanding its digital footprint, the new content drives on average 400 hits of traffic to the website per month on top of organic traffic, and most importantly it educates the public on the benefits of recycling.
Not to mention the added bonus of creating content that can be published to social media channels.
Reach out if you’re looking at your content plan and left scratching your head!